IT seems that readers’ criticism of the Remembrance service in Bury has been concerned with the attendance of Nick Griffin.

I wonder if they, as I did, actually attend themselves? If they had troubled themselves to do so they would have found a lot more than this to raise concern.

1. On the procession from the town hall, it was noticeable how certain “dignitaries” at the head of column were indulging in animated conversation, their behaviour totally unbefitting the solemnity of the occasion.

2. Certain individuals in said column shuffled along with their hands in their pockets.

3. At the war memorial, a young boy had climbed up at the back and then draped himself over the front and centre of the memorial.

It was seemingly beyond the wit of any of the numerous officials present to have him removed, but there he stayed throughout the official silence.

4. During the silence iitself, the whole purpose was then lost as the sound of mobile telephones going off rendered the air.

I will not be attending again. It is too painful to witness how bad manners, scant regard and a total lack of respect now hold sway!

Shamed Poppy Day