ACCORDING to the manager of Bury FC three per cent of the home fans have been abusing players.

How he arrived at such a precise number I would be interested to know. However, if the abusive remarks are racial or personal, then the three per cent are totally out of order.

If the remarks are totally about the players’ abilities or lack of them, then these fans are perfectly entitled to air their views. The cup performance against Crawley was dreadful and we currently have a striker on I believe a very good contract whose record as I write is 12 games, no goals.

These are just two examples. Where these so-called abuses being complained about? If the pressure is getting to the over-sensitive manager and his players, I suggest they quit football and take up a more gentle profession such as flower arranging.

P M Hynes, true Shaker fan for 65 years Fairy Street Bury