A common phrase to describe commuters is “long suffering”, and those in the borough who travel to Manchester by bus, car or tram will be familiar with that description.

Some time ago the transport chiefs in Manchester did not see as viable the option of opening the East Lancs Railway to commuter traffic.

If this line was open to commuter traffic, then Rawtenstall, Ramsbottom, Bury and Heywood would benefit with this direct link to Manchester. So I invite those people who decide on the transport policies of Greater Manchester to do the following: n Use Metrolink in the rush hours for the full journeys and enjoy being crammed into small spaces, n Drive each day to Manchester from this borough and marvel at the crawling speed of the traffic, n Take a bus in the rush hour and be amazed at how long the journey takes.

Is it inconceivable to link the East Lancs Railway to the main line between Rochdale and Manchester and provide a link southwards to the city centre?

If any readers feel there is merit in launching a campaign on this issue please contact me on the email address below. In addition feel free to contact the transport bosses for Manchester.

Finally, if there is opposition to this idea then fine. What I ask of those dissenters to do is stand at Manchester Victoria between 5pm and 6pm and view the crammed trams passing through to Bury, and at the same time note how trains for places like Rochdale and Huddersfield with the extra carriages now laid on by Northern embarrasses the tiny trams we have.

Wayne Cockin Bury