REGARDING the poor performance of First Bus.

As a regular passenger sometimes travelling considerable distances, the 474 Ramsbottom route (which is supposed to run at 10-minute intervals) is unreliable.

On my travels, all the connections are on time.

I return to Bury for the 474 which often becomes a 20-minute service.

I recently went for the 9.50am, only to for it to arrive and then go with “out of service” on the indicator.

The buses are a terrible advert for Mercedes as they rattle and shake you to pieces. The sign that lights up saying ‘bus stopping’ when you press the bell is often obscured by an advert pasted over it.

Recently double deckers are turning up so that women with prams or invalids have to wait until a low floor bus arrives. I can also confirm that Stagecoach has far more superior buses. What First Bus needs is competition.

Mr S C Lord Bramley Drive Bury