REGARDING Mr Slingsby’s idiotic missive accusing staff of being liabilities. Some are, most aren’t.

Where does he think Tesco makes all its not inconsiderable profits from? They don’t employ robots to stack the shelves, do they? Or do the NHS use robots to nurse people back to health in hospital? At least the Blessed Baroness of Finchley never came out with quite so silly a statement.

His pronouncement should be ranked amongst the following gems of idiocy: “No return to Boom and Bust” — (G Brown 2007), “Ireland is a well-balanced economy” (G Osborne, 2006), and “Phone hacking was the work of one rogue reporter” (News International Press Office, 2011).

Clearly a case of operating mouth before brain was engaged. The man has obviously missed a career in politics, as he belongs in a place where windbags who know nothing pontificate on everything — Westminster. Semper Veritas (Always the Truth)