A WATER technology firm from Ramsbottom has partnered with United Utilities to develop equipment to help prevent customers' homes being flooded by sewage.

Jetchem, based on the Cuba Industrial Estate, has pioneered an interceptor draw-off system, for houses which are prone of flooding.

Under IDOS, any excess waste in the drainage system is drawn off and pumped away, preventing the need for a tanker to drafted in to resolve the problem.

And the technology is such that it can be placed in cellars, gardens or nearby car parks.

Paul Taylor, managing director of Jetchem, said: "The IDOS system is a completely modular design, and has the potential to be installed in almost any location at risk of flooding, operational by mains power, solar panels or even batteries.

"This cuts costs which have been proven and reduces draw-off visits. The drain monitor is placed in a chamber or manhole and alerts the end user when the levels are high, this reduces unnecessary site visits, saving time and money."

Chris Burns, of United Utilities, said trials for the new technology were conducted over a six-month period and had proved particularly effective.