THIS week the Made in Bury team surprised Rhianne Williams from AFG Law, the lucky winner of the Made in Bury £2,000 weekly draw.

Rhianne’s colleague Katrina helped to plan the surprise and the clock was ticking as Rhianne was leaving the office early.

The Made in Bury team were advised not to press the buzzer at the entrance as there is a video camera so Rhianne may well have seen them and more importantly the big cheque.

So they called Katrina on her mobile when they arrived outside so she could come and collect them.

They crept upstairs and waited in one of the rooms with all of the AFG team who were also in on the surprise.

Rhianne was on the next floor up so one of her colleagues phoned up to say ‘a client was waiting downstairs’.

They all waited patiently and heard footsteps coming down the stairs. When Rhianne came into the room, they jumped out from behind the desk and surprised her with the cheque. Rhianne was absolutely delighted.

Rhianne, a conveyancing executive who has worked at AFG for 15 years. is currently saving up for a house deposit so the money will be going towards that.