VERONICA Harris, of Killelea House, is this week's winner of the Made in Bury weekly draw.

There was a bit of a twist to surprising her with the £2,000 cheque though.

Colleagues told the Made in Bury team she was working on an exhibition at the Town Hall.

Once there, they were pointed in her direction and Veronica's face lit up when she realised she had won.

She had vowed to split any winnings with her friend Diane Manchester, a fellow wellbeing manager at the council-run care service.

Veronica has worked for Bury Council for 23 years and Diane for 33 years.

Killelea House is an intermediate care facility which provides therapy and treatment for adults following an illness or injury who need rehabilitation, working on reablement, focusing on independence and reducing the likelihood of people being readmitted to hospital or going into a residential home.

Veronica is moving house in the next few months, which the money will go towards.

Meanwhile Diane is taking her daughter to New York , where they certainly will shop ‘til’ they drop.

It was only last November when a previous Killelea House winner was unveiled.