LAST week’s winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw is James Brownson from Brownson Design and Installation.

He runs his own outdoor design and installation business so the Made in Bury team had no choice but to contact him directly.

However, in order to keep his win a surprise, they called James and asked him if he could come down to their office to “provide them with a quote for an outdoor bar” at the BusinessLodge. Little did James know he was coming to collect his £2,000 cheque.

When James arrived, with the help of the lovely Petra from BusinessLodge, she directed him to the outdoor area where the Made in Bury team were hiding with the cheque. The team waslso secretly filming in reception trying to keep undercover. James thought he had come down to measure up for a potential job but instead he was surprised with the £2,000 cheque.

James started his own business in 2018 and after trading for just over two years, he is very busy designing and installing decking and outdoor bespoke builds.

He igoing to invest his winnings into his business and will also book a holiday for his family.