AN investment firm which traces its heritage back to the 19th century temperance movement is moving forward with a new appointment.

Healthy Investment was first formed in Salford in 1835, and relocated to its present Bury HQ in 2007.

For 185 years advisers have been guiding members’ portfolios, while staying true to their founding principles, so avoiding dealings with the alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography and arms industries.

And to further their cause in 2020, they have now teamed up with Alpha Public Relations, to raise their profile for a new age.

Investment bonds, ISAs, junior ISAs and child trust funds are among the chief concerns of their 110,000 strong membership today.

Peter Green, chief executive of Healthy Investment, said, “Friendly societies like ours have been going about our work quietly for decades but I believe we offer something different, for which there is a real demand.

“Ethically invested, prudently managed with-profits funds can potentially provide inflation-beating returns while also offering capital guarantees and, in these uncertain times, we are offering a combination of security and potential capital growth that I think a lot of people will find attractive.”

Alpha Public Relations was founded in Bury three years ago by Stuart Anderson, a former financial services and business journalist.

He said: “Healthy Investment is a hidden gem right here in Bury.

“They have an amazingly rich history and a suite of products that are probably more relevant today than they have ever been, so I am really looking forward to working with them over the coming months to gain the recognition they deserve.”

The investment firm has also appointed West Yorkshire-based Respond Marketing to co-ordinate and carry out online advertising, design and print, social media and website hosting and maintenance, and Lisa Weaver, of PPC, to handle pay-per-click advertising.