A WELL-known Bury food producer is the latest to seek a digital path to greater prosperity.

And promoters of Made Smarter, the drive to give small and medium sized enterprises to get on board with the revolution, say more could follow in the footsteps of the Bury Black Pudding Company.

Richard Morris, their production director, said: “Our ambition is to create the world’s first smart black pudding factory.

"We have identified a pathway to achieving that ambition which starts with data and systems integration, then analytics, and automation. Working with the team at Made Smarter has accelerated our plan by years.”

Donna Edwards, Made Smarter north west director, said: “Over the last two years the pilot has proven the value technology can bring to the manufacturing sector. "

The firm is taking their first steps with Made Smarter’s technology adoption pilot, which aims to introduce digital tools and technologies to boost productivity and growth, and navigate the impact of Covid-19.

An estimated 350 firms across Greater Manchester have chosen this route since the scheme was launched two years ago.

Companies can secure match funding for specific initiatives as part of the pilot project, say its backers.

Mrs Edwards added: “We have helped hundreds of North West makers start their digital journey by providing them with specialist advice to help them select the right approach, level of investment and tools for their business.”

Juergen Maier, the scheme’s chairman, said that despite the current climate firms should not be tempted to cut costs but continue investing in digital.