ONE of the country's leading friendly societies has moved to Bury after being previously based in central Manchester for more than 170 years.

Healthy Investment is the latest company to transfer into the recently refurbished Old Court House on Tenterden Street, Bury.

The friendly society, which specialises in providing a wide range of savings and investment products including child trust funds, has a long history of ethical investment.

The organisation was formed in Salford in 1835 to provide funeral and sick benefit to its members.

During the mid 1800s and the early 1900s, the organisation grew rapidly with local groups, or tents', being formed throughout the country to help members save and to spread the cause of teetotalism. By 1935, Bury had two local groups called Daniel Tent 44 and Britain's Future Tent 4946, as well as several juvenile sections.

Commenting on Healthy Investment's move, the society's chief executive Peter Green said: "We are delighted to be moving to Bury. Its position on the motorway and tram network makes it an ideal base for a national organisation like ours."

Today, the organisation maintains its ethical position on alcohol and never invests members' funds directly in companies involved in the alcohol, tobacco or arms industries.

It operates as a modern mutual financial services outfit focusing on providing savings and investment products that appeal to all members of society.