Visit the abandoned site of Chorley’s Camelot Theme Park and you might find it overrun with zombies.

No, this isn’t the next pandemic to sweep the globe but a fully immersive, interactive experience, Camelot Rises - strictly for horror fans.

This is the latest project for professional scaremongers Park N Party who plan to transform the 140-acre site near the village of Charnock Richard.

Park N Party was also responsible for the Scare City drive-through event in Manchester last Halloween.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Prepare to have a torch flashed in your eyes one minute, before being bombarded by a mob of flesh-eating zombies the next. Do what the soldiers tell you, or face being the undead’s next meal.

“You will come across both military personnel and petrifying zombies, fighting for supremacy over the once glorious Kingdom of Camelot.

“As the legendary castle sits derelict, you’ll experience all of the sights, sounds and sensations that put you right in the middle of an apocalyptic event. Prepare for sirens, smoke, mangled bodies and, of course, hoardes of the living dead coming for you and your loved ones.”

Bury Times: A map of the Camelot Rises experience layout. Picture: Park N PartyA map of the Camelot Rises experience layout. Picture: Park N Party

Included in the experience is a drive-in viewing of some of the most iconic, and terrifying, zombie films of all time including Evil Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, 28 Days Later, The Ring and I Am Legend.

The film will appear on strategically placed screens and sound is transmitted through the car radio – so a working sound system is a must.

To complete the evening, Camelot Rises also features a fully licensed bar and food vendor, offering food and drink for those whose stomachs haven’t been completely turned.

Camelot Rises – How to book

If you’re feeling brave and would like to venture into Camelot Rises, tickets are available for dates throughout February and March.

Tickets cost £50 per vehicle but the age restrictions for the films will be strictly adhered to so make sure everyone on board is old enough for the event or you will be denied entry.

Visit the Fever website to book.

Camelot Rises film schedule

  • The Crazies: February 5, 5:30pm
  • A Quiet Place: February 5, 9pm
  • The Hills Have Eyes: February 6, 5:30pm
  • A Quiet Place 2: February 6, 9pm
  • Insidious: February 10, 9pm
  • 28 Weeks Later: February 11, 18 and 26, 5:30pm and 9pm
  • Annabelle Comes Home: February 12, 5:30pm
  • The Unborn: February 12, 9pm
  • Wyrmwood Road of the Dead: February 13, 9pm
  • Get Out: February 17, 5:30pm
  • I Am Legend: February 19, 5:30pm
  • The Cured: February 19, 9pm
  • Insidious 2: February 20, 5:30pm
  • The Ring: February 20, 9pm
  • 28 Days Later: February 24, 9pm
  • Evil Dead (2013): February 25, 9pm
  • REC: February 13, 5:30pm, February 26, 9pm
  • Little Monsters: February 27, 5:30pm
  • The Night Eats the World: February 27, 9pm
  • Train to Busan: March 3, 9pm
  • It Comes at Night: March 4, 9pm
  • The Girl With All the Gifts: March 5, 5:30pm
  • Night of the Living Dead: March 5, 9pm
  • The Strangers: March 6, 5:30pm
  • REC 2: March 6, 9pm