FLYTIPPING reported before Christmas 2016 has finally been cleared up after a community group's persistence.

Little Britain Anglers (LBA) first complained about the huge pile of rubbish in one of Radcliffe's 'vermin hot spots' before the Boxing Day Floods.

After several years' fighting for action, hundreds of bags have been hauled from the River Irwell, and from the banks at Dumers Lane.

With the help of the Environment Agency (EA), LBA was able to put pressure on the landowner to take action.

Chair of LBA, Eric Owen, said: "We have spent several years' fighting for this. We kept on fighting and complaining to agencies and Bury Council, and finally our pressure and continued efforts have resulted in a clearing of the land.

"When everyone else gave up, we carried on."

LBA has spent months working with the EA to see the huge pile of rubbish and clothing removed by the riparian owner.

"It has taken a long time and immense energy keeping the pressure on", Mr Owen added.

"But we are glad that at least one of many areas of flytipping has now been cleared.

"We know that many residents will benefit from this because the areas has been a hot spot for vermin over the last few years."

My Owen thanked the LBA committee for their efforts but added he wished it had not taken so long to get action.

He said: "Many of the rags and pieces of clothing have been caught on the bridges since the flooding.

"There are still clothes in the trees along the River Irwell which have not been dealt with fast enough."

The group prides itself on working for the overall good of the community, and not just for the fishing community.

LBA members, through the Angling Trust's Voluntary Bailiff Scheme (VBS) help to monitor the rivers and waterways to catch flytipping culprits.

To join the group, visit their Facebook page, Little Britain Angler's.