IMPROVEMENTS are set to be made to Radcliffe's roads in 2018 as part of a £2million investment.

The first phase of the project will see eight of the town's roads resurfaced and potholes filled.

Bury Council has borrowed £10million for roads across the borough as part of the three-year scheme, which will be repaid.

£2 million of the cash will be spent on Radcliffe's roads.

Rishi Shori, Bury council leader and Radcliffe West councillor said: "Due to severe Government cuts over the last seven years, the money available to spend on Radcliffe roads has reduced dramatically.

"The council has now borrowed money to invest in our roads which will be repaid in two ways. "Firstly it will save money from having to fill fewer potholes as roads will be in a better condition and secondly the council will spend less on insurance claims arising out of the poor condition of the roads.

"If the Government will not invest in the roads then Labour councillors will."

Ainsworth Road, Water Street, Cross Lane and Cemetery Road are some of the roads which will receive initial investment.

Improvements will also be made along Bolton Road, at the section between Stopes Road and Wordsworth Avenue, when work begins in the spring.

Stand Lane, Higher Ainsworth Road, Jackson Street and James Street North will also benefit from the first batch of resurfacing.

A £150,000 project has also seen developments made at the junction between Pilkington Way and Blackburn Street.

The new system of pedestrian and cycle crossings was undertaken to improve access into the town centre, as well as travelling between Outwood Trail and the canal.

While commonplace elsewhere in Europe, the cycle crossing is only the second of its kind to be built in Greater Manchester.

The project was funded by the Cycle City Ambition Grant, obtained from the Government by Transport for Greater Manchester.

Cllr Shori said the latest investment for road resurfacing has been made to reduce the council's outgoings in the long term.