A GROUP of travellers that set up in Radcliffe town centre have moved on.

The camp was set up on Green Street car park, next to the former site of the old Radcliffe Pool and Fitness Centre, over the Christmas period.

Bury Council say the travellers entered and occupied the car park illegally and that, as a result, they had applied for a court order to evict them, which they hoped would be completed by Thursday morning.

However, the group are believed to have moved on of their own accord, and are thought to have moved on to land owned by Travis Perkins in Farnworth.

Pictures shared on social media show bags of waste which have been left at the car park following their departure.

Two people have been left requiring hospital treatment in recent weeks, after being attacked by dogs close to the site.

Police have since confirmed that they have seized one of the dogs believed to be responsible.

Radcliffe East councillor Karen Leach said: "After discussion with councillors, the council will take measures to increase security of the site by installing barriers to prevent this from happening again.

"Work to secure the site is starting today and I will be monitoring this situation to ensure the site is properly secured.

"I am appalled by horrific attacks on pedestrians in Radcliffe. The dog in question has now been seized. I will be working with police to seek formal prosecutions for these shocking attacks on innocent members of the public and bring those responsible to justice.

"Antisocial and criminal behaviour will not be tolerated; such attacks can cause lasting physical and psychological damage to victims and I am determined that people in Radcliffe feel safe to go about their business."