Apparent mystery crochet creations are adorning postboxes throughout the local borough. These crochet saluting soldiers are seen as fitting tributes to our fallen soldiers as remembrance  sunday approaches.

The impressive intricate creations have been proving very popular with the local community, with many people sharing on social media searching for the anonymous creator. The creation depicts a saluting soldier which shows a sign of respect to the lives lost, aswell as raising community spirit. 

This phenomenon  appears to be a recent trend through the uk, with similar tributes being seen throughout the late queens platinum jubilee.


The mystery knitting artist has not yet come forward to take credit for their work. Which has left the public wondering who is responsible for these artistic tributes. The location of the postbox is within the vicinity  of local schools, meaning this has become a talking point between children and parents on the school run. It has hopefully embroidered an interest in the history of the sacrifices made and the significance of it.

It has been over 100 years since the First World War and these poppy postboxes commemorate armistice day also known as remembrance day.

This act of remembrance  evokes a sense of pride within the local area. The red poppy signifies remeberance and hope for a better future.  

It is unknown whether it is a crochet group behind the acts or an individual working alone, either way the amount of effort involved in the creations  is inspiring for all bypassers fortunate enough to witness it.