This organization aims to meet the needs of local people who are feeling the harsh effects of the cost of living crisis. The food club, formed less than a month ago, has gained much success, with 25 adults signing up so far, and 40 children associated with these club members, who are gaining benefits from having their usual food shop supplemented in this way. You become a member by registering and paying a £5 annual fee. From there, you pay £3 per visit, and within that you get 12 items with a supermarket value of between £10 to £15. A small cost to access quality food from well-known supermarkets.


The food club works with the company “FareShare” who partner nationally with retailers to redistribute their unwanted food for reasons such as upcoming sell-by-dates or overstocking. Then, FareShare distributes products to many food clubs that are similar to the Bridge Community Church food club. Hard working volunteers also collect food donations from local shops and supermarkets such as Morrisons and the Co-op. The food club runs entirely on volunteers from the Bridge Community Church in Radcliffe, who want citizens’ financial struggles for food shopping to be lifted from their shoulders, ensuring a sense of security.


The club runs weekly on a Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00 located at Bridge Community Church, Milltown Street, M26 1WD.  Club members can also enjoy free tea, coffee and toast at the community café that also takes place there on a Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 11:00. Tom King, Pastor of the church states, “We love Radcliffe, it’s a great town. But we are finding that at the moment many of us are struggling, not only with finances, but a number of other things. The Food Club is one way of loving our community and doing what we can to support and bless our neighbours. Everyone is welcome, even if it’s just to say ‘hi!’ and have a brew with us. We look forward to seeing you one Wednesday morningsoon.”


  As well as helping the bank balance of club members, it also reduces food waste from supermarkets as these clubs provide a way for surplus food to be used by those who need it most. You are sure to receive a friendly welcome and volunteers would love to meet and help you.