LAST week, the world's biggest offshore wind farm was given the go-ahead off the East Yorkshire coast.

Danish firm Dong Energy was awarded a contract for the Hornsea Project Two in a government auction for low-carbon subsidies.

Hornsea Project Two is due to be complete by 2022 and could power more than 1.3 million UK homes.

The winning price won was to generate electricity at a cost of £57.50 per megawatt hour, is the lowest ever price for UK offshore wind.

The guaranteed cost over 35 years for the nuclear power station being built by the Chinese government is £92.50 per megawatt hour.

The cost of green energy is coming down as technology improves and more and more components are built in UK factories providing high skilled jobs in a growth industry. Unlike fracking, it is also clean.

Climate change is real and happening, Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Jose have wreaked havoc in the Caribbean and the US. The South Asia floods have affected over 40 million people. Our summers are now wet whilst Europe has regular heat waves.

Green energy and infrastructure is the next industrial revolution. We have spent more than 100 years pumping CO2 in to the atmosphere; we need to spend the next 100 years reducing it through wind, wave, tidal, solar, hydro and yes, clean coal through carbon capture and storage.

As cars change from diesel and petrol to hybrids and battery, we will need even more power to charge our cars and buses.

We will need more electricity production and we need energy security.

If Vladimir doesn’t like us, he can turn off the gas and there is a real danger that our future oil supplies could one day be under Iranian and Russian influence.

Our island is surrounded by wave and wind and we have 400 yrs of coal under us.

Green energy can get our engineering industry providing the wealth for the UK and providing the jobs our kids need.

It’s a fair wind blowing our way, let’s catch it.

Cllr Alan Quinn

Sedgley Ward

Bury Council