ONCE again Parliament and to the British people have been mislead!

Lord Kerr, the British legal expert who helped to draw up EU Article 50, says Theresa May is misleading to us when she says that once she had delivered her Article 50 letter to the EU, that we were on an unstoppable journey to leave.

He has just confirmed that this is not the case, and as with any divorce proceedings, Article 50 allows the partners to settle their differences and cancel the divorce at any time up to the decree becoming absolute.

Hundreds of thousands of people who voted for leave on the promise of giving the NHS an extra £350 million per week, are realising they were lied to, after that promise was the first thing the leave camp cancelled after winning the referendum.

The leave camp’s promise of advantageous trade deals with countries outside the EU also got a kick in the teeth after the American government slapped more than 200 per cent import duty on British-made planes we were trying to export to the USA.

The pound is crashing in value, forcing prices in our shops of all imported goods and food to become ever more expensive.

Theresa May is still refusing to disclose to the public and Parliament how many millions of taxpayers' money has been used to stop global companies from closing their UK plants and moving production into other EU countries.

Every benefit the leave camp promised, is turning out to be a lie (as everyone with their finger on the pulse of British politics and current affairs knew it would).

The only people who will really benefit from our leaving the EU are the racist, right wing, neo-nazi, extremists who want a nationalist, white only Britain.

Robert Graham

Cross Lane