HORRIFYING as it is that our Labour council is closing all but four widely spaced libraries in the borough, it is now revealed that their opening hours are to be drastically cut.

Not only will library users have to travel considerable distances to use the facilities of the libraries, but also the opening times are awkward to say the least.

The council gains some 10 sites in terms of buildings, staffing, heating, maintenance, etc, but additionally, library hours are to be cut from more than 390 weekly to about 121 hours weekly spread over four sites.

How are our children to manage to use the wonderful resources which have previously been available for them?

How will the elderly have access to the marvellous lifeline of resources previously available to them?

And where will the person in the street go to find information and entertainment freely as has been the case for somewhere near the past 100 years through the library service?

The least we could have expected and hoped for on the closing of our local libraries would have been longer and more available opening hours at the few libraries left.

Please Bury, think again about the opening hours of our remaining libraries.

Dorothy Bailey