SCRUTINY and scandal over politicians is often ridiculous jealousy that turns serious if they lie about it, like Profumo and Green.

Lying is a serious flaw because everything eventually depends on trust and keeping promises as best possible.

Unfortunately for Fleet Street headlines, sexuality does not corroborate with political ability.

Kings Stephen, Charles I, and George III were model husbands, but useless kings.

William II, Charles II, Edward IV and Prime Minister Lloyd George were none of them safe to entrust a daughter to, but they were very effective at politics.

Religiously accusing accusing John Mc Donnell of "confessing " to be a Marxist is infelicitous.

Just be glad we are a safe and tolerant society not needing the Inquisition to discover as much.

If anybody treats money like the leaves on trees it is the present government that since 2010 has doubled the national debt (on what?) and so the annual capital charges — interest and admin.

No wonder they can not get rid of the budget deficit!

Frank Adam

Hartley Avenue