IN the run up to Christmas, the Bury Times reported on road resurfacing of the Longsight Road / Vernon Road junction in Holcombe Brook.

Cllr Rishi Shori took the opportunity for a photo shoot and make some political capital for the council in the face of so-called savage Tory Government cuts in funding for such projects.

I suggest he revisits the site so that he can witness at first hand how the relayed surface is already breaking up.

I would also suggests he takes a short walk up Longsight Road to it junction with Westgate Avenue.

Here, the surface has been repaired at least twice in the past year.

Unfortunately, the product used to fill in the potholes seems to have the durability and consistency of putty. Similar failed repairs can be witnessed in and around the Ramsbottom area.

How can so-called funding cuts be criticised on one hand when repairs fail so quickly?

Could the Highways department tell the council tax payers of Bury just how much of the budget is spent on rectifying poor-quality road repairs ?

John Graham

Holcombe Brook