HAVING read the Bury Times last week about the shoddy repairs being made by the highways department, I felt that the management has a lot to answer about how they are being carried out.

Is there a person who can honestly say that they are being repaired by a professional time-served workforce?

Over the past month, I have not seen a single repair being made.

The make-do measures to the craters in our roads are an insult at repairing the road surfaces.

After the frost, the "new" repairs are breaking up within weeks, because they are not done properly.

Last year in June, I reported a hole to be repaired. Nothing has happened yet.

More holes have appeared and, if and when they come to repair it, others in the same locale will not be touched because they have not been told to do it.

Would it not be better for the workforce on a job if you see a hole in the close proximity to repair it?

Is there work schedule for the borough of Bury that can be seen? Is there a bonus scheme being offered to the staff for the more holes repaired successfully?

Where is this new machine for making repairs — has anyone been trained how to use it yet?

Finally is there an official inspector for repairs carried out to highways?

Name and address supplied