I WAS pleased to read (Council to back young savers scheme as third of youth in £3,000 of debt (January 17) that findings from our Borrowed Years research provided the basis for Bury Council to propose the possibility of setting up a Young Savers Credit Union.

I would like to congratulate the council on taking a proactive step to address the issues outlined in the research by exploring a Young Savers Credit Union Scheme.

As the article outlined, our research showed that more than a third of young people have debts of almost £3,000, excluding student loans and mortgages.

At National Debtline, run by the Money Advice Trust, we hear on a regular basis the difficult financial issues facing many young people.

We also know that too few young people are seeking free debt advice from charities when they fall into financial difficulty.

By working with Bury Credit Union, local secondary schools and colleges, this proposed scheme would provide an excellent opportunity to offer advice and guidance around borrowing and money management to local young people.

We look forward to hearing about the progress of the proposal and wish the council every success in this work.

Joanna Elson

Chief executive

Money Advice Trust