I WANT to put on record my delight at seeing young people in Bury doing so well in their GCSEs.

As you highlighted in the paper last week, the position of Bury’s secondary schools in national league tables show young people in our town achieving higher than average results in their GCSEs and in eBacc subjects.

Sixty one per cent of Bury’s young people left with five or more good qualifications last year compared to 56 per cent nationally.

We have seen £2.8 billion cut from schools in the past two years and headteachers are telling me that funding pressures are forcing them to make very difficult decisions about staffing, resources and extra-curricular activities. Local schools across Bury, Tottington and Ramsbottom are expected to see a real terms cut of £3.8 million by 2020.

In that context, these results are a remarkable testament to our brilliant teachers and the resilience, hard work and determination of our young people.

Local parents who want to support my campaign to stop cuts to our schools can sign my petition at jamesfrith.org/schoolcuts

James Frith MP