LAST week, there was a letter regarding potholes in Hollins brow.

When driving from Asda, the car hit a major pothole which I think the writer was referring to.

The highways department actually came out and filled in the hole the following day.

Come on highways, what is wrong with your staff?

Are they programmed to only treat one pothole per street? There are a number of potholes along that road is amassing it.

Is impossible to drive round them so the car is like a merry go round dipping down every 20 yards or so.

Manchester Road also suffers the same problem particularly around house numbers 514 going to Bury and the other side going away from Bury.

You cannot think it is cost effective to allow contractors to drive out to one pothole and not to check the rest of the road and act on it.

This is taxpayers' money you are wasting sending men out to fill in one hole.

Accidents are happening because of the holes or because of the driver trying to avoid the holes.

The council is happy to look to offer £13,000 extra for the chief executive to entice new candidates, yet fails to put any surplus money into our roads.

It has received additional money from the government to treat the potholes, so please do it as an urgent and not rely on residents having to notify you of each individual hole. You must drive the very same roads your supposed to maintain.

Name and address supplied