IT is 100 years since the work of the Women’s Social and Political Union, led by Manchester’s Emmeline Pankhurst, resulted in women gaining the right to vote.

A century on, what do the achievements of the Suffragettes mean to the young women of Manchester of today?

Here are some thoughts of BGS girls:

"It makes me immeasurably proud to know that, owing to the work of these strong, independent women, I, as a young woman, will have the ability to vote and contribute to the progression of society. I hope that there is a motivation to continue to improve women's rights so that we can eventually break through the so-called ‘glass ceiling’ and finally rid society of gender inequality."

"I feel it is so important for all women to vote nowadays to show their pride and respect for the Suffragettes who sacrificed so much."

"I am aware that the Suffragettes gave up their livelihoods, were ostracised by their peers, and faced violent persecution all because they could not bear the injustices they faced.

"Universal suffrage signifies the way women’s rights have progressed, but also serves as a reminder that despite the sacrifices the Suffragettes made, women still face inequality in society.

"The gender pay gap is not set to close for decades to come. Since the Suffragettes’ dream of equality has still not fully been achieved, it is imperative that we, as women, take every opportunity we can to thank them for the way they sacrificed their way of life to transform ours, and exert our right to vote."

"I feel immensely grateful towards the Suffragettes and look forward to using my vote next year. It is humbling to learn of the sacrifices women made 100 years ago which have allowed me to influence the society I live in. I expect to be able to achieve equality with men."

"I think that all women should cherish their right to vote. We should always vote to respect the women who fought so hard to allow us to have our voices heard."

As 2018 progresses, it will be interesting to hear more from the young women of today who have the ability to influence the 21st century as the trailblazers of the early 20th century did to such significant effect.