AS someone who lives in a Residents’ Parking Zone (Zone B – Buckley Wells), I do not resent paying the £30 annual fee.

I also appreciate that more permits are issued than there are spaces.

However, what I do object to is the abuse of visitors’ permits.

One weekdays — it doesn’t seem to be an issue at weekends — I regularly come home after an early shift to find I cannot park anywhere remotely near my house due cars parked up displaying visitors’ permits who are clearly not visiting anyone locally.

Moreover, prior to leaving for when on an early shift, I regularly see cars bearing visitors’ permits parking and their occupants walking towards the town centre, presumably to work.

The same cars seem to be parked there almost daily.

I have heard from two friends who also live locally that they have been approached and asked if they are prepared to rent out their visitors’ permits.

While both these friends have refused such requests, I suspect that other people who live in the vicinity have been tempted.

To me, there should be a cap on how many times per week/month/year that visitors permits are allowed to be used.

Stuart Warburton

Manchester Old Road