LAST week was full of bad news for bus users in Tottington.

We have had a series of cancellations by First Bus.

This has now become a regular occurrence in Bury but even this has topped previous records.

On two different days, more than 25 per cent of the service from Bury to Tottington was cancelled.

And to top this off, First has now announced that the 468 service between Tottington and Fairfield Hospital will be cancelled all together from April.

This service is unacceptable and the residents of Tottington deserve better.

Anyone trying to travel in Tottington Road during rush hour will be aware of the severe congestion.

A decent bus service is vital part of the solution to tackle this issue.

As the Labour candidate for Tottington for the 2018 local elections and a daily bus user, I want to see this service improved.

I have already written to our TfGM representative in Bury and met with James Frith MP to raise my concerns.

There is some glimmer of hope with the Transdev acquisition of Rosso and the proposed reforms from Andy Burnham Greater Manchester Mayor which could bring a much-needed fresh approach to public transport in Greater Manchester.

Bus services in Tottington will be a major focus for me in the local election campaign.

Anthony McCaul

Labour candidate for Tottington