I AM confused about Boris Johnson's comments regarding the burka.

On the one hand, he is criticising its use, but on the other, he is not calling for an outright ban.

Britain is a multicultural society, but how is it possible to interact with women who choose to hide their faces?

Living is about communicating and these garments are an impediment to integration.

They send out all the wrong messages ­— "How dare you look at me, I am a superior human being" ­— which is very condescending.

The burka is not required by Islamic Law and it is not Islamophobic to call for it to be forbidden.

The majority of Asian Islamic women proudly exhibit their identities through wearing their beautifully coloured saris and glittering jewellery, which are a pleasure to see in our towns and cities.

Why on earth would some of them want to wear something as drab and characterless as the burka?

For once, I agree with Boris, but but he should go a step further and call for it to be banned as more and more countries are deciding to do.

Peter Lewis Fairchild

Hilden Street