THE EU has a Donald Trump equivalent when it comes to crass remarks, inappropriate language and behaviour in the shape of Jean-Claude Junker, the EU’s Commission President.

Or should I say Comedy President?

To refer to Mrs May as "‘nebulous" reveals a total lack of respect for the UK and for her position as it’s Prime Minister.

They say a week is a long time in politics.

Just over a week ago, Mrs May’s position was that she would see the Brexit negotiations through as Prime Minister.

Since then, she has been subject to a vote of confidence as leader of the Conservative Party which she won ­— only to announce that she will be standing down as Prime Minister before the next election.

The next fixed-term election is in May, 2022, but the transition period may now be extended to the end of 2022.

Clearly if she is not going to stand at the next election, she will have to give her successor time to bed in.

Alas, so much for seeing her EU deal through which is currently deadlocked.

She is now regarded as a lame duck Prime Minister — why she felt the need to announce her intention to resign now is a surprise to many.

It is time to realise that we must have to change tack in our approach to Brexit.

We either make preparations for a no deal, which seems to be where we are heading, or consider an alternative.

One MP, Owen Paterson, a former Northern Ireland minister, has a plan on the thorny issue of the Irish Border, which he has presented to Mrs May, which, if successful, might unlock the deadlock.

There is now intense speculation who will succeed Mrs May.

All the names suggested in the press are controversial in one way or another and I would suggest lack appeal to the general public unlike Mrs May, who still commands a great deal of respect, despite her flawed deal to leave the EU. Where Labour and Jeremy Corbyn stand on Brexit is anybody’s guess.

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