KEVIN Blackwell decided not to face the press following last night's 2-0 win over Stevenage after blasting a section of the Bury fans in the aftermath of his side’s defeat to relegation rivals Colchester at the weekend.

Chants of “Blackwell out” reverberated around Gigg Lane at the final whistle on Saturday after 10-man Colchester hung on to condemn the Shakers to their sixth defeat in seven matches.

The backlash prompted the Bury manager to launch a passionate defence of his own position, while he also called for more common sense from supporters.

“The crowd turned on me – yes - that always happens when you are a manager and you’re team is losing,” said Blackwell on Saturday, who argued the club’s financial problems and subsequent transfer embargo had made his job almost impossible.

“I’m not a magician.

“Can’t everybody see that the club isn’t flush with cash and blessed with options?

“I take the fans for being a bit smarter – maybe they’re not.

“But if I see a window cleaner come here with a short ladder, I realise he can’t do the top windows.

“It’s common sense and I just think that common sense is lacking here.”

The anti-Blackwell chanting was absent from Gigg Lane on Tuesday night as Bury hauled themselves off the bottom of League One.

The result will have gone a long way to quelling fans’ anger on the night, but the Bury boss may have hoped his message from the weekend had also hit home.

“Do you think I’m happy? Of course I’m not happy,” Blackwell said on Saturday.

“Do you think I want to have to deal with what I have to deal with? Of course I don’t.

“Who wants to go to work and know they can’t do the job they want to do?

“But someone has to do it and I’m giving it a good go.

“Things are out of my hands and I agree with some of the frustrations of the fans.

"But do you think I’m not frustrated?

“Is it my fault that they are in an embargo? No.

“Is it my fault that they had no money when I came here? No.

“For goodness sake, grow up, smell the coffee and let’s have a look at the facts.”