AS a Bury supporter of 25 years I felt compelled to highlight the apathy and disillusionment currently sweeping the stands at Gigg Lane.

Many Bury fans were thankful for Stewart Day's arrival in 2013.

Since then we have seen some good things, most notably promotion from League Two in 2015, the high-profile use of Manchester City's former training base at Carrington and the nurturing of our youth team.

However, a series of negatives have mounted up and these now far outweigh the positives.

I read and contribute to the club message board and each week there seems to be a new story of more shoddy treatment of fans by our football club.

This is something that does not seem to be changing or improving.

On top of that, there is a lot of concern about the way the football club is being run off the pitch.

Each year we make big losses. We have also had to fight off winding-up petitions made by HMRC.

You would be hard pressed to find a Bury supporter who is not concerned about the club's future.

Frankly, as a lifelong fan, I am terrified as to what is around the corner for my beloved club.

We get no genuine answers to our burning questions, bar the odd interview with the chairman on the club website.

Those who complain or are critical about the way the club is being run are labelled a negative element as though we are an unwanted bug holding the club back – we are not. We are lifelong, passionate supporters and the lifeblood of Bury Football Club.

We have been given no assurances on our club's future and have no clarity.

Many supporters have written or emailed the club on numerous occasions about a range of different subjects and never got a reply.

We are being pushed aside and loyal, lifelong, passionate supporters are reluctantly turning their backs on the club.

I and many others felt we had to speak out. We all want a Bury Football Club to support in the future.

Liam Murphy

Bury supporter of 25 years

Co-signed by 41 other Bury supporters, who, in some cases, have been fans of the club for up to 80 years: Ian Thompson (Bury supporter for 54 years), Andy Ashworth (50 years), Bruce Shaw (57 years), Steve Bunting (51 years), Dave Sullivan (54 years), Chris Grewer (30 years), Jack Standring (20 years), Russ Hamer (50 years), Martyn Grindrod (47 years), Glyn Morris (38 years), Peter Griffiths (54 years), Cliff Ashworth (80 years), Keith Halsall (51 years), Mike Bailey (59 years), Mark Jackson (51 years), John Woodhead (43 years), Ian J.McKernan (61 years), Chris Stanley (43 years), Jon Aspinall (36 years), Richard Beedie (34 years), Sam Willis (21 years), Stefan Camps (17 years), Mark Murphy (20 years), Gary Daly (25 years), Mark Hilton (21 years), Daniel Chad (15 years), Josh Latham (15 years), Dominic Murphy (22 years), David Triggs (9 years), Peter Taylor (24 years), Stuart Upton (63 years), Les Lowe (60 years), Jonathan Barrett (35 years), John Risby (15 years), Jamie Walker (21 years), Thomas Murphy (25 years), Alex Parry (20 years), Peter Keighery (15 years), Roy Brandford (47 years), Alan Hunt (27 years), Andy Harrison (33 years).