RECENTLY I wrote a column about the shake-up in local cricket and how it had improved standards in Bury.

Of course, as previously stated there were always bound to be issues around the restructuring and it was going to take a while for this to fizzle out for everyone to find their level.

In 2018 because of the influx of clubs from the Pennine League it lead to the Greater Manchester Cricket League having to create multiple new divisions.

As much as this has been good, because clubs have played at new and different venues, there have always been a few issues that have been on people's minds.

Now we are approaching the business end of the season thoughts inevitably turn to what lies ahead.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been told by a variety of different sources there may be further plans in place to shake up the already restructured leagues.

Without knowing the definitive ins and outs of the plans, should there be any, it would be wise for the GMCL to air these plans quickly so as to be proactive and allow clubs the opportunity to air any objections or concerns they may have.

Throw into the mix rumblings of a number of new clubs considering joining the GMCL for 2020, supposedly from the Bolton Cricket League, it will not be long before whatever plans are in place are once again needed to be restructured further.

It is certainly interesting to consider what may happen, and, as previously stated, it will take a while to settle down.

But, hopefully, any changes can help improve the largest and newest league further to help the board members and clubs achieve their goal of providing competitive cricket at all levels on Saturdays.