RADCLIFFE Community ABC fighter Neil Knighton won on a split decision against Roche ABC's Shuaib Mahmood in Burnley last Friday.

Coached by Barry Smart, the 36 year-old, who weighed in at 76.5kg, went into the bout with two losses on his record and no wins but he broke his duck against his 19-year-old opponent.

Knighton came straight out of the starting blocks and put the pressure on, using his jab well.

The second round was pretty much the same but Mahmood put more effort into this round and threw a couple of haymakers, sometimes catching Knighton.

Knighton kept a cool head and boxed as he should, getting his own punches off.

The third round saw the Radcliffe boxer maintain his high work rate and Mahmood was not comfortable with the pace and his fitness was starting to wane as the minutes went by.

When the final bell came it was a very good fight on both sides and came to a split decision which went Knighton's way.