ALMOST 100 club members gathered for the Bury AC annual presentation evening and Christmas party hosted at the Masonic Hall in Bury on Saturday.

Club chairman Mark Granby announced the awards which were presented by honorary president Charlie Deane and which reflected another excellent year for the Market Street-based club.

There were four categories of awards – the coach’s age-group awards, the senior’s Grand Prix awards, the team manager’s awards and the club committee awards.

The coaches nominate athletes on the basis of their commitment and attitude to training and their dedication in representing the club in competitions.

The winners this year were: Under-11s – Jake Norton and Jemima Miles; u13s – Finley Collings and Reilly Carson – with Jayden Barlow and Esther McGrath highly commended; u15s – Jay Cook and Ella Hall; u17s – Stefan Kalambouka and Hattie Vaughan – with Katherine Townsend and Daisy Worthington highly commended; u20s – Kamili Bell and Lucy Alcock; seniors – Ben Coop and Lizzi Cheshire; masters – Giles Bennett and Katie Geelan.

The Senior’s Grand Prix, which sees points awarded over a series of competitions, saw the following winners: seniors – Byron Edwards and Lizzi Cheshire; masters – Giles Bennett/Steve Parker and Katie Geelan.

The team manager’s awards were awarded as follows: Youth Development League (Lower) – Rashaun Currie and Rosella Togo; Youth Development League (Upper) – Brandon Quinton and Jenna Allen-Cartwight; Cheshire League – Noah Carter and Connie Potts; Northern League – Emmanuel Mufakazi and Daisy Worthington.

The Committee Awards were: JT Ratcliffe Award for the most competitive athlete – Jay Cook; Sandra Newton Memorial Award for the highest ranked field event athlete – Hattie Vaughan; Best Club Member – Byron Edwards; Most Improved Athlete – Josh Birmingham.

A special prize was also awarded to Roger Morley for all his hard work in making the Greater Manchester Track and Field Championships a great success when they were hosted for the first time by Bury AC.