RADCLIFFE Community ABC's Neil Knighton recorded his second victory from four outings in Blackburn recently with a unanimous points decision – despite a late change of opponent.

The 36-year-old boxer, weighing in at 78.8kg, headed to Bangor Street Community Centre prepared to take on a fighter from Blackburn Cobras ABC but when his opponent did not turn up, a coach from Lancashire School of Boxing stepped in with a spare fighter at the same weight level – 24-year-old Joe Rowe.

Knighton started brightly, firing his jab straight away into his opponent's face, while Rowe looked to come in low to throw his big, powerful, long hooks.

The Radcliffe fighter kept hitting the target with his jab and double jab and was only caught now and again by Rowe's big shot as he took the first round.

The second round saw Rowe respond and try to pen Knighton on the ropes with his shots and leaning on him.

Knighton battled back but it was an even round after a fast-paced tussle.

It was close going into the third and final round and Rowe came out throwing his bombs.

Knighton was on the back foot but, to his credit, he put some good combinations together with a one-two and then a right-hander to the body.

It was a close fight with Rowe catching Knighton with some clean hooks before the Radcliffe man responded time and again, landing the cleaner and more accurate shots to clinch the judges' decision.