BURY Cycle Speedway team avenged their Division Two defeat in Glasgow with a 60-54 triumph at their home track.

Glasgow had three experienced riders hoping to emulate the scoreline earlier in the season when Bury were decisively beaten, however the hosts had Harry Radford back from his holiday to bolster the squad.

But Dawar Mohammadi, while in the team, was observing Ramadan and fasting, so consequently could not exert himself as he normally would.

Heat one saw Eryk Motala leading, but Glasgow’s best rider passed him and with Colin Gray beating Bury’s Steve Mann, the visitors took the lead.

However, Radford and Mohammadi put Bury back in front after heat two.

Motala won heat four then teamed up with Radford in heat five and Bury were five points clear.

Two maximum heat wins for Glasgow then put them three points ahead.

Bury’s strongest pairing of Motala and Radford hit back with a maximum heat win of their own in the next outing and the hosts led again.

Mohammadi and Radford, took a hard-fought heat nine, and Bury had another victory in heat 10 to put them five points clear with two heats to go.

Andy McDougal again beat Motala but the heat win to Glasgow only reduced Bury’s lead to three points with one heat to go.

Radford and Mohammadi then took a careful heat win to wrap up the match.


Bury 60: Eryk Motala 20/2, Harry Radford 20/1, Steve Mann 10, Dawar Mohammadi 7 (from three rides), Tom Dunphy 3 (from three rides).

Glasgow 54: Andy McDougal 22/2, Joe Buekmann 19/2, Colin Gray 12.

The Third Division match consisted of a Bury-only individual match, as Glasgow did not bring any under-13 year olds with them, and ended 50-0 to the hosts.


Bury 50: Tom Dunphy 16, Sam Dunphy 13, Bobby Dunphy 10, Sarah Mohammadi 6, Sahar Mohammadi 5.

Glasgow 0.