BURY Football Club could have just 14 days to avoid being expelled from the EFL.

Despite the Shakers’ creditors passing a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) last week, the league say they have not yet been given sufficient assurances by the club that they can pay the money outstanding to football creditors or source sufficient funding in the future.

The EFL want those assurances by the close of business today.

The club has already been docked 12 points for what is termed an “insolvency event” and are unlikely to appeal the punishment.

If the league do not get the assurances they need, they are ready serve a notice of withdrawal of membership, which gives Bury 14 days to meet all outstanding requirements of their insolvency policy or its membership in the EFL may be terminated.

An extension can also be applied for after 14 days, if felt appropriate.

To satisfy the EFL, the club must provide means of payment of outstanding football creditor debts and source and sufficiency of funding.

The EFL say they will continue to work tirelessly with the club to remedy the situation but “ultimately can only act upon information received or not received”.

They say if information is received by the deadline, negotiations will then begin to enter into a membership agreement, which will incorporate the ongoing conditions for continued membership in the League and ensure the terms of the CVA are met.

If the Shakers fail to provide the information the EFL board will decide whether to transfer the club’s golden share, or further extend their deadline.

In addition, Gigg Lane is not yet passed to start the season.

The local Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is meeting today to consider whether the club meets all the requirements necessary to safely stage fixtures in EFL competitions.

If they do not pass the stadium, the EFL could choose to suspend the club’s fixtures as per regulation 28.2.

EFL Debbie Jevans, executive chair, said: “This is an incredibly difficult and complex situation for all those involved, in particular the staff, players and supporters of the club.

“We fully recognise the value and importance of the club to the local community and its fans, and will continue to work proactively and diligently with the ownership, as we have done over an extended period of time to try and ensure Bury FC has a long term future as a member of the EFL.”