EFL chief Debbie Jevans insists “everything possible” was done to prevent Bury Football Club being expelled from the league.

After getting a stay of execution on Friday night, the Shakers saw a takeover from the C&N Sporting Risk group collapse on Tuesday – prompting a decision from the EFL board to withdraw their membership.

Shakers fans have condemned the league’s actions and claims have been made that alternative bids, most notably from former Port Vale owner Norman Smurthwaite and SJ Global, were unfairly rejected or misinterpreted.

An 11th-hour appeal from local MPs Ivan Lewis and James Frith to extend again fell on deaf ears, leaving the 134-year-old club facing a bleak future and having to reapply for a place in non-league from next season.

Jevans is adamant a line had to be drawn after C&N’s takeover came to nothing and that withdrawal of the ‘golden share’ was the only option available.

“Some may always say you could have done more but I know, if I look myself in the mirror, we did everything that we could,” she said.

“This has been going on for a while: at what point in any situation do you say enough? We’ve already postponed five games and each of those impacts other teams in the league.

“Do we postpone six, seven, eight, nine – at what point do you stop?

“The board was flexible, it has met over 10 times, every board member has given up time with a desire to find a solution. But we have a duty of care to the 23 other clubs in League One and equally all of the clubs in the Championship and League Two.”

Jevans said relegating Bury to the fourth tier was also not within the league’s regulations.

She said: “It’s not within our gift to put them into League Two. What happens to other clubs in the league? There is always a consequence. What happens to promotion and relegation? There is always an impact.”

SJ Global stated their intention to appeal the league’s decision not to grant them an extension on Tuesday but Jevans says there is no available avenue in which to do so.