NEW member Raivis Mertens caught the biggest fish of the day when Tottington Sea Anglers travelled to Anglesey.

Mertens' pollock weighed in at 14lbs and he also caught the second biggest fish of the trip – around 12lbs – in what was just his second outing with the group.

In total 12 members made the trip to Amlych to fish on the charter boat Aquastar.

With fine weather and calm seas, they set sail for open water to catch mackerel, which was hard going.

They then ventured further out to fish over some inshore shipwrecks for pollock but the first couple of wrecks produced very little due to the discolouration of the sea, as it would have been hard for the fish to see the lures they were using.

The skipper then decided to move further out to sea to try to find clearer water which he did, and from noon to 4.30pm, the fishing was good with plenty of good-sized pollock being caught.

The trip ended with approximately 100 decent pollock landed and a good day was had by all.

Tottington Sea Anglers meetings are held at The Wagonmakers, on Tottington Road, on the first Sunday of each month at 1pm and new members are always welcome.