SCOTT Quigg believes he could have a future career as a boxing trainer.

Bury’s recently retired former world super-bantamweight champion has plenty of time to ponder his next move with the country currently on lockdown.

And known as someone who got every ounce out of his career through hard work and dedication, the 31-year-old is seen as fighter who could play a role bringing through the next generation of stars.

Having trained with some of the best trainers on the planet in Joe Gallagher and Freddie Roach, Quigg has also seen his stablemate Anthony Crolla recently make the transition from fighter to cornerman, working with Gallagher.

“I get enjoyment out of coaching and I believe I’ve got a lot to give,” he told The Bury Times.

“If I was going to go into it I’d start like that (Crolla). I could partner up with Joe or Freddie so I could learn and get that experience.

“Being around them I know what to do, I’ve literally been trained by two of the best trainers in the world.

“It would be something I’d take my time with because you’re always learning.”

The names of Roach and Gallagher are known around the world but it is a Manchester stalwart that Quigg points to as his biggest influence when it comes to educating fighters.

“If it wasn’t for Brian Hughes my first coach I wouldn’t have achieved what I did. To this day he’s still the best coach I’ve trained with,” he said.

“The way he educated me really set the foundations and they couldn’t have been any stronger.

“So when I did go to Joe and then on to Freddie, when you’re building on solid foundations you can just keep building. Nothing’s shaky.

“Anything he said I believed. He taught me to watch the old fighters, used to send me the old videotapes and he’d educate me what to look for and how to absorb information. I kept some of the things he showed me all through my career. Even up until my last fight I was still watching the old tapes and things like that.

“I’ve had so many good ones though. Joe, Freddie, the time I had with Pat Barret and even Darren Phillips my Thai boxing instructor (at GFC Muay Thai) played a big part from me being 10.

“I was very fortunate to have loyal people around me who stuck by me. I had a very tight-nit team.”