Bury AC members took up a virtual challenge of collectively completing 75 miles to celebrate VE Day.

Members could post their challenge runs using Strava and had the option of completing either five-mile or 5km runs.

In total 34 members took up the challenge and collectively posted a total distance 175 miles – 100 more than the target.

The first 15 members to complete five-mile runs and therefore complete the initial 75 mile target in the order in which they completed their runs were: Ben Coop, Rick Anderson, Sarah Thomas, Katie Geelan, Dan Anderson, Matt Garside, Nicola Ryan, Anthony Hallahan, David Flood, Chris Whittaker, Byron Edwards, Lizzi Cheshire, Hannah Price, Luke Harreld and Andy Mellor. Josh Birmingham and Steve Parker also posted five-mile runs.

The 5km runners were Mark Granby, Chris Barrow, Bev Macauley, Giles Bennett, Roger Morley, Christie Cook and Ollie Donnelly.

The final group who posted a variety of distances were Jack Griffiths (10km), Ben Thompson (half marathon), Jim Ardin (10km), Ollie Makinson (11.5km), Jonny Evans (13.5km), Steven Tobias (17km), Fran Pearson (10km), Katie Oakley (6.2km), Jake Warwick (6km) and Caitlin Cole (4.4km).

As with all sports clubs, Bury AC members are missing the camaraderie in training and racing together.

With the summer track and field season off the table members have been sharing their training experiences online to do their best to maintain club spirit. The VE Day challenge was the idea of vice-chairman Roger Morley with men’s captain Byron Edwards helping with arrangements and collating the results.