RADCLIFFE boss Lee Fowler is in no doubt where his side need to improve whenever their season resumes.

Boro are waiting on news from the Northern Premier League on when they will get the chance to improve on their current standing of 14th in the Premier Division table.

It is at the back that changes will be made on the resumption with Fowler’s men having conceded a league-high 19 goals.

He said: “It has been a common theme really, especially the last month, month and a half, where we are great going forward but we always look like we’re going to concede as well.

“This time off has given us a massive reflection in terms of why we are conceding goals and it’s purely down to the fact that we are too attacking.

“Going over the games it was only pre-season where we looked really solid, when we played 5-3-2.

“Since we changed the formation we have been a bit too attacking, the full backs are bombing on a bit too much even though they’ve been told one should go and one should stay.

“Ultimately if the people can’t do the jobs they’re asked to do then you have to change the people in those formations.

“Going forward we look electric but if your left back’s crossing the ball and your right back is at the back stick you’re suspect to a counter-attack.

“It is something we’ve been aware of and this time off has highlighted it even more. We’ll be changing it and looking to be a bit more steady at the back.

“A lot of goals are coming from wide areas because there are areas to exploit there and we might have to sacrifice something going forwards to get that balance.

“It doesn’t mean we’re going to be boring but I need full backs to stay in their pocket rather than constantly go forward.”

One thing Fowler has been impressed with is the work his players have put in while the season has been on hold.

“We’ve got a fantastic group of players, they’re uploading work every day, the running they’re doing is ridiculous and they’re a fit group,” he said.

“I don’t think you’ll see a fitter team than us in the league this season. They are a pleasure to work with.

“Somebody said the other day that I’m too close to the players and I do get close to them but that doesn’t mean I don’t give them rollockings or I’m afraid to fall out with them or afraid to make them leave the football club.

“I love my players, I love working with the lads but ultimately if they don’t do their job they’ll leave the football club.

“That’s not me being a dictator. I love them to bits but if they don’t do their job and we need to win football games then I have to make a decision for the football club.

“But I’m blessed with the players we’ve got. They’re not on the biggest money in the world but they give everything they’ve got in every session, every game and the value for money is ridiculous.”