ANDY Welsh said it was the right decision to abandoned Bury AFC’s clash at Campion on Saturday due to thick fog after admitting it had became something of a guessing game.

The NWCL First Division One clash was finely poised at 2-2 at half time but as visibility continued to get worse, the officials had not option but to call the game off.

“What you do not want is referees and linesmen to start guessing and I felt that it was getting to that stage,” said Welsh. “There were a couple of decisions where they had given throw-ins when it has been blatant that it is the other team’s throw-in and even their first goal, Jake Kenny is adamant it didn’t go in but the linesman has given it.

“I think for the fans and the fans are the most important ones. The ones that were stood behind us, they could not see it.

“So for me it was the right decision. Disappointing but the right decision.”

Campion had taken a seventh minute lead which was cancelled out after Aiden Chippendale’s effort went in-off a home defender.

A well-worked goal by Ben Wharton put AFC ahead but, as conditions continued to get worse, Campion equalised through Patrick Sykes just before the break.

Welsh said the lack of visibility had a massive impact on the game.

“I could not see a lot of the game to be honest,” he said. “You are just hoping it was going to lift but I felt like saying to the ref after 20 minutes in, let’s just call it a day because it just didn’t get going for me.

He added: "Although we went 1-0 down, we came back and scored a fortuitous goal with Chippy’s first one but I thought the second one was a well-worked goal, good finish by Ben Wharton but I couldn’t see anything for their equaliser and if you are a player and the ball is coming in from a throw-in, your vision is really going to struggle.”

AFC return to action at Steeton on Monday.