RACHEL Branagan starred for Hawkshaw A by dropping only one game as her side beat Lostock B 72-27 in the Bolton Sports Federation League mixed doubles.

There was similar success for neighbours Holcombe Brook A who dropped only one set to win their match against Markland Hill A by 29 games.

In Division Two, Walmer A beat hosts David Lloyd (Manchester) 51-49. The home side fielded a very strong ladies section and things looked bleak for Walmer when they lost every mixed set as ladies Lisa Morley and Gail Blackburn lost 4-6, 2-6 and Dianne Hardman and Pam Leech went down 3-6, 2-6.

But Walmer’s men took control with Paul Biggins and Phil Mansfield winning 6-2, 6-1, and Adam Gooddy and Mike Davies won 6-1, 6-1 to guide Walmer to a 51-49 victory.

Walmer’s C team also had a titanic struggle at home to Barrow Bridge B in Division Six. They took a one-game lead from the mixed section where Brian Richards and Lulu Morley won 6-1.

In the ladies section, Morley and Sarah Wilde won 6-1, 6-4 before Carol Turner and Ellie Ward scored 2-6, 6-4. For the men, Richards and Wilde lost 5-6, 0-6 and John Biggins and Keith Fairhurst lost 4-6, but then won 6-1. When the results were totted up, Walmer won 51-49.

The most dramatic match of the week was at Markland Hill C where they drew 56-56 against Holcombe Brook C.

In the Division Five, third-placed Holcombe Brook D kept thre pressure on the top two teams with a narrow victory over Longsight B, winning by only five games.

Hawkshaw D, however, succumbed at Meadow Hill who lost only two sets in the process.

Elton Vale kept up their push for a top spot in Division Six with a good win over Eagley B, their star player J Instone dropping only one game throughout the match.

In another close match, Walmer C beat Barrow Bridge B by two games.

RESULTS Mixed Division One: Hawkshaw A 72 Lostock B 27, Markland Hill A 38 Holcombe Brook A 67, Lostock A 70 Ellesmere A 33.

Mixed Division Two: David Lloyd (Manchester) 49 Walmer A 51, Longsight A 53 David Lloyd (Bolton) B 53, David Lloyd (Chorley) 60 Hawkshaw B 53.

Mixed Division Three: Hawkshaw C 56 Bolton CC 55, David Lloyd (Bolton) C 25 Markland Hill B 66, Walkers 56 Bradshaw A 52.

Mixed Division Four: Barrow Bridge A 51 Lostock D 52, Bradshaw B 63 Markland Hill D 51, Markland Hill C 56 Holcombe Brook C 56.

Mixed Division Five: Holcombe Brook D 52 Longsight B 47, Bradshaw C 46 David Lloyd (Bolton) D 64, Meadow Hill 67 Hawkshaw D 50.

Mixed Division Six: Ellesmere B 50 Lostock F 51, Elton Vale 59 Eagley B 38, Walmer C 51 Barrow Bridge B 49.

Junior Division One: Holcombe Brook S C 'B' 1 Holcombe Brook S C 'A' 11, Hawkshaw 'A' 7 Markland Hill 'A' 5, Tyldesley 'A' 5.5 Bellingham 6.5.

Junior Division Two: Bradshaw 'A' 12 St Josephs 'A' 0, Lostock 'A' 12 Tyldesley 'B' 0.

Junior Division Three: Markland Hill 'B' 8.5 Hawkshaw 'B' 3.5, Holcombe Brook S.C. 'C' 12 Lostock 'B' 0.

Junior Division Four: Barrow Bridge 2.5 Bradshaw 'B' 9.5, Eagley 'A' 11 St Josephs 'B' 1, Hawkshaw 'C' 0 Holcombe Brook S.C. 'D' 12.

Junior Division Five: David Lloyd (Chorley) 9 Roe Green 3, St Josephs 'C' 8 Eagley 'B' 4, Holcombe Brook S.C. 'E' 4.5 Lostock 'C' 7.5.

Men Division One: Holcombe Brook A 7 Lostock A 2, Hawkshaw A 6.5 David Lloyd (Bolton) A 2.5, Ellesmere A 6 David Lloyd (Chorley) A 3, Leigh CC A 0 Markland Hill A 9.

Men Division Two: Tyldesley A 7.5 Bradshaw A 1.5, Walmer A 4 Ellesmere B 5, Longsight Meths A 8.5 Hawkshaw B 0.5, Lostock B 6 Holcombe Brook B 3.

Men Division Three: Markland Hill B 4.5 Leigh CC B 4.5, Ellesmere C 3.5 Claremont A 5.5, David Lloyd (Bolton) B 7 Elton Vale A 2, Winton 0.5 Chorley A 8.5.

Men Division Four: Markland Hill C 3.5 Longsight Meths B 5.5, Barrow Bridge A 3.5 Walmer B 5.5, Lowton 7 Tyldesley B 2.

Men Division Five: David Lloyd (Chorley) B 6 Leigh CC C 3, Hawkshaw C 2 Holcombe Brook C 7, Walkers 5 Lostock C 4.

Men Division Six: Bolton CC 5.5 Eagley B 3.5, Eagley A 6 Markland Hill D 3, Bradshaw B 6.5 Meadow Hill A 2.5.

Men Division Seven: Elton Vale B 5 Hawkshaw D 4, Walmer C 3.5 Roe Green A 5.5, Astley + Tyldesley 6 David Lloyd (Bolton) D 3.

Men Division Eight: Holcombe Brook D 4.5 Barrow Bridge B 4.5, Claremont B 8 Ellesmere D 1, Lostock E 9 Chorley D 0.

Men Division Nine: Meadow Hill B 4 Lostock F 5, Roe Green B 0 Walmer D 9, Hawkshaw E 7.5 Eagley C 1.5, Holcombe Brook E 3 Longsight Meths C 6.