IT has been a difficult season for Walmer Men’s A, but they returned to form with a 7-2 win against Tyldesley A.

Walmer’s most consistent pair this season have been Dave Gerrard and Jay Hardy and they led the way again with set wins by 6-3, 6-2 and a 6-6 half.

Mark Booth and Paul Biggins scored 6-3, 6-3, 1-6, and Adam Gooddy and Mike Davies were unbeaten with 7-5, 6-3, 6-6 sets.

In Division Four, Walmer B visited Lowton where Steve Routledge and Phil Mansfield laid a firm foundation with 6-2, 6-3, 6-4 set wins.

Stew Hardy and Nico Renzulli won 6-3, 6-4 before losing 4-6 and, despite Andy Parton and Tom Corbett scoring 2-6, 4-6, 3-6, Walmer had done enough to win by 5-4.

There was a good win for the Men’s C team at Hawkshaw D in Division Seven but the D team’s fine run was ended by Hawkshaw E.

Walmer Mixed A were at home to Holcombe Brook D in the Cecil Cup and overcame a 46-game handicap.

Rick Morley and Gail Blackburn opened well 6-0, a score repeated by Phil Mansfield and Dianne Hardman.

Mike Davies and Lisa Morley won 6-3 and Adam Gooddy and Pam Leech added a 6-1 set.

In the other sections, Lisa and Gail did not drop a game and Di and Pam won 6-1, 6-4.

It was a clean sweep in the gents section with another four sets adding to Walmer’s winning total of 72-13 (59).

But they were unable to follow it up in the league the next day against Hawkshaw B when they lost at home 62-43.

Cecil Cup semi-finals This is to be played on July 25. The draw is: Markland Hill B v Hawkshaw A, Eagley A v Walmer A. Handicaps based on tables as at July 10.

Results Junior Division One: Markland Hill A 0 Tyldesley A 12, Holcombe Brook S C A 12 Hawkshaw A 0, Bellingham 6 Holcombe Brook S C B 6.

Junior Division Two: David Lloyd (Bolton) 0.5 Lostock A 11.5, Tyldesley B 0 Bradshaw A 12, St Josephs A 6 Leigh CC 6.

Junior Division Three: Hawkshaw B 0.5 Holcombe Br C 11.5, Lostock B 2 David Lloyd (Manchester) 10.

Junior Division Four: Hawkshaw C 1 Eagley A 11, St Josephs B 8 Barrow Bridge 4, Bradshaw B 9 Walmer 3.

Junior Division Five: Eagley B 4 Holcombe Brook S.C. E 8, Roe Green 7 St Josephs C 5, Lostock C 5.5 David Lloyd (Chorley) 6.5.

Men Division One: Hawkshaw A 1.5 Holcombe Brook A 7.5, Leigh CC A 0 David Lloyd (Chorley) A 9, Ellesmere A 6.5 David Lloyd (Bolton) A 2.5, Markland Hill A 1 Lostock A 8.

Men Division Two: Walmer A 7 Tyldesley A 2, Lostock B 9 Hawkshaw B 0, Longsight A 5 Ellesmere B 4, Holcombe Brook B 8 Bradshaw A 1.

Men Division Three: Ellesmere C 4 Markland Hill B 5, Winton 4.5 Elton Vale A 4.5, David Lloyd (Bolton) B 5.5 Claremont A 3.5, Chorley A 8.5 Leigh CC B 0.5.

Men Division Four: Markland Hill C 1.5 Chorley B 7.5, Lowton 4 Walmer B 5, Barrow Bridge A 3.5 Longsight Meths B 5.5.

Men Division Five: David Lloyd (Chorley) B 2.5 David Lloyd (Bolton) C 6.5, Walkers 6 Holcombe Brook C 3, Hawkshaw C 9 Leigh CC C 0.

Men Division Six: Bradshaw B 8 Markland Hill D 1, Eagley A 7.5 Eagley B 1.5.

Men Division Seven: Elton Vale B 0 Chorley C 9, A&T 8 Roe Green A 1, Walmer C 7 Hawkshaw D 2.

Men Division Eight: Holcombe Brook D 4 Bradshaw C 5, Lostock E 9 Ellesmere D 0, Claremont B 6.5 Barrow Bridge B 2.5.

Men Division Nine: Roe Green B 5 Meadow Hill B 4, Holcombe Brook E 3 Eagley C 6, Hawkshaw E 5.5 Walmer D 3.5, Longsight Meths C 0 Lostock F 9.

Mixed Division One: Lostock A 54 Markland Hill A 47, Holcombe Brook A 36 David Lloyd (Bolton) A 70, Ellesmere A 61 Lostock B 50.

Mixed Division Two: David Lloyd (Chorley) 62 Longsight A 40, David Lloyd (Bolton) B 57 Holcombe Brook B 46, Hawkshaw B 42 Walmer A 62.

Mixed Division Three: Lostock C 54 Walkers 53, Markland Hill B 27 Hawkshaw C 71.

Mixed Division Four: Walmer B 66 Markland Hill C 31, Markland Hill D 66 Barrow Bridge A 29, Holcombe Brook C 29 Bradshaw B 65.

Mixed Division Five: Meadow Hill 64 Bradshaw C 44, David Lloyd (Bolton) D 42 Holcombe Brook D 68, Hawkshaw D 65 Lostock E 41.

Mixed Division Six: Walmer C 72 Eagley A 30, Eagley B 60 Ellesmere B 42, Barrow Bridge B 56 Lostock F 31.

Cecil Cup Thirrd Round: Bradshaw B 63.5 Markland Hill B 69, Walmer A 72 Holcombe Brook D 59.5, Eagley A 62 Elton Vale 45.5, Haw