BURY player of the season award winner David Worrall has modestly handed the accolades for his success to team-mates Steven Schumacher and Peter Sweeney.

The 21-year-old wide man, who battled back from injury and illness to sweep the board in the fans’ and players’ votes, reckons the Shakers would have really struggled without captain Schumacher and Peter Sweeney in midfield.

Worrall clinched the award despite having started only 32 of Bury’s matches and his stock has risen so high rumours were circulating of a possible £1 million offer from Blackburn Rovers two weeks ago.

He said: “There have been lots of lads who have played most of the season who have done very well.

“Everyone’s worked really hard. I’m over the moon that the fans think that much of me.

“It’s great to be recognised, and I’m thankful that they think of me that way.

“It’s been a tough season. But awards don’t mean anything in a way because every one of us has worked really hard, and it’s the whole squad who has got us another season in League One, something we fully deserve.

“For me, I would have split it between Schuey (Schumacher) and Sweens (Sweeney), because without those two in the team this season I think it would have been very difficult.

“I’ve looked up to both of them because they are vital to the team.”

Meanwhile, Bury manager Richie Barker is delighted Worrall is being tipped for a big-money move.

“It’s great when you hear things like that,” he said. “You don’t know where rumours like that come from – it could be anywhere. But when was the last time a Bury players got linked with a £1million move?

“We need to start selling players for big money. There’s no point in giving players away.

“We need to progress the club on and off the pitch, and need to improve the facilities so we can keep producing better players and sell them on. We need to start getting money back for our players, the same as everyone else does.”

The Shakers boss reckons Worrall’s next challenge, however, is to prove he can play at the top of his game for a full season.

“The next stage of his development is to try do it for 46 games,” he said. “He’s got to become stronger and he’s got to fight off those illnesses and injuries. If he’s going to get to the next level, you’ve got to be able to depend on him for an entire season.

“When you’re playing at the top level – which is where we want all the boys to get to – you’ve got to live and breathe your job.”