Tottington Con Club increased their lead to five points at the top of the league as the three top teams all won.

Seedfield Bowling Club dropped two points, while Tottington and Walshaw Con took maximum points from their matches.

The other winners were Elton Liberal Club A at Dobbies.

In the opening match, Chris Banner started slowly and was overtaken with 95 on the board, but rallied with a 13 break and a good in off to finish to beat J Birtwhistle.

Mick Middleton caught Jamie Street in the second game early on and could have secured the points, but a late flourish from the latter closed the gap to 20 points. Bruce Holden played well in the last match with Paul Cooke missing a lot of shots and leaving an opening shot almost every time.

At Seedfield, Paul Eslick gave the home side an early lead over Prestwich Con Club’s Andy Lester, which proved to be the winning margin.

Prestwich fought back through Alan Conchie, who narrowly beat Bill Mitchell to reduce the deficit to just five.

When Bob Capron finally overcame the handicap advantage of Brian Ridley, it was too late as he had already reached the target to win the match by three points and snatch the aggregate points.

Walshaw hosted Dobbies S&SC A where Barry Weall beat Eddie Docker in the opener and G Farrington overcame Vinny Fox to give the home side a healthy lead. The final game between Matt Gilmore and Peter Stanyer proved to be excellent with both players recording runs of 30 and 33 respectively. Gilmore maintained his handicap advantage throughout to take all five points.

Tottington Con Club took all five points when Walmersley came travelling. Sid Bailey led the way with a good victory over rookie Roy Salmon. David Nicholson continued his good season with another win over Stephen Barcroft and Phil Spring completed the rout by defeating Tony Sudhurst.

Results Dobbies S&SC B 328 (1) Elton Lib Club A 365 (4) C Banner 125 J Birtwhistle 115, J Street 105 M Middleton 125, P Cooke 98 B Holden 125.

Seedfield Bowling Club 361 (3) Prestwich Con Club 358 (2) P Eslick 125 A Lester 108, W Mitchell 113 A Conchie 125, B Ridley 123 R Capron 125.

Walshaw Con Club 375 (5) Dobbies S&SC A 316 (0) B Weall 125 E Docker 107, G Farrington 125 V Fox 104, M Gilmore 125 P Stanyer 105.

Tottington Con Club 375 (5) Walmersley Con Club 293 (0) S Bailey 125 R Salmon 96, D Nicholson 125 S Barcroft 108, P Spring 125 T Sudhurst 89.

Breaks: M Gilmore 30, P Stanyer 33.